Quinn Fabray
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Mercedes is going to New York with us!!!

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That's sounds so much fun

Yeah! I’m super excited! I’m glad Rachel invited us.


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What is it?

Me and Beth are going to New York next week!


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I’m so excited!


Do you want to know why?

I got a text from coach Sylvester

She has a baby! I’m going to visit them in hospital tomorrow.

Beth + Summer ♥

Hello everyone! How’s your summer? - Q.

Go on.. Maybe give Quick another chance or at least have them as to where they can co parent Beth or what not.. Even though I don't ship fabrevans on the show go with Sam or maybe Finn

ooc: I’ve already had a few ideas what to do with Quinn’s life but thank you for all your suggestions and the fact that you still want to read this blog.


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OOC question: I think you should go on with your blog but in my opinion it should be about Beth and also another love interest? Someone like Sam because they are my fav couple of all-time? That would make me love your blog even more!

ooc: Sam, huh? Yeah, I like them too ;) Thanks for your opinion!

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